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Family & Community

Office of Engagement and Partnerships

At 香港6合开奖结果Public Schools (香港6合开奖结果PS), family and public engagement is built into everything we do, at every level of our work. Engagement is a district-wide priority as well as an individual priority for every teacher, administrator, and staff member. We are proud to build relationships with families, community members, and strategic partners to accelerate achievement for all 香港6合开奖结果students.?

The Office of Engagement and Partnerships, in coordination with the Chancellor, sets the vision for this work across the District. 


Our Teams

Family Engagement Division - The Family Engagement Division aims to build the capacity of school administrators and teachers to partner with families to drive student success.

Community Engagement Division - The Community Engagement Division listens to and engages our families and community at both the school and district level in order to build trust and obtain stakeholder feedback to inform the work of 香港6合开奖结果PS.

School Partnerships Division - The School Partnerships Division designs and advances strategies and resources for schools and the district to maximize partner impact on student success.


Guiding Principles

With the help of the 香港6合开奖结果community, the Office of Engagement and Partnerships has worked to refine and enact?a clear?vision and strategy for partnering with 香港6合开奖结果stakeholders. This strategy accelerates the success of every student in the District.


Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement states simply and directly the change in 香港6合开奖结果we wish to see.

Every student’s success is accelerated by partnerships with families and communities.


Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement provides a clear, simple, and compelling framework for guiding behavior and decision-making.

The Office of Engagement and Partnerships improves outcomes for every student in 香港6合开奖结果Public Schools by fostering collaborative partnerships between and among schools, families, and the greater 香港6合开奖结果community.


Theory of Action

To live our mission and strive to meet our vision, 香港6合开奖结果will ensure our work is aligned to a Theory of Action

If we...

Build and sustain relationships between and among 香港6合开奖结果PS, families, communities, and partners that increase trust;

Increase access to information, resources, and 香港6合开奖结果leadership and staff;

Increase transparency and provide stakeholders with timely and equitable opportunities to advise 香港6合开奖结果priorities;

Build capacity in schools and central office to partner with families and communities to improve student outcomes;

Then, every 香港6合开奖结果student's success will be accelerated by partnerships with families and communities.