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Student Assessment

As a district, we’ve committed to the following:

  • Ensure the assessments we require in 香港6合开奖结果are of high quality – rigorous, meaningful assessments that are a worthwhile investment of student and teacher time
  • Improve support to schools to analyze assessment results
  • Improve communication to families about how your children are doing and how you can support your children’s learning

In alignment with , 香港6合开奖结果Public Schools added RAN (Rapid Automatized Naming) to our early literacy assessments starting school year 2023-24. Kindergarteners and first graders who score well below on their composite and well below on RAN are flagged as being “at risk” for reading difficulties. This can include difficulties related to dyslexia. Being identified as at risk for reading difficulties is not a diagnosis of reading difficulty. If you have questions please reach out to your child’s teacher or email [email protected]. Access the Dyslexia Guides here: 


See the Assessment Calendar for a list of the required assessments for this school year. We will continue to review our assessments with the help of teachers, schools and families to ensure we are fulfilling our commitments to you. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please talk with your child’s teacher or email [email protected].